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The High Impact Model

How to triple your revenue and halve your time at work in the next few months

June 26, Saturday 13:00 AEST
June 30, Wednesday 13:00 AEST
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Presented by
Jacob Sutton

Here is What You'll Learn

Learn why most PTs and Coaches fail.

Learn why most personal trainers leave the industry and how we can create the best opportunity out of self-employment!

How should you sell your coaching products

Stop undervaluing yourself and your products - this is easier said than done. Find out how to get clients wanting to pay for more!

Learn about how to package your products.

My Complete “Easy Six Figure a Year” Packaging Systems for Scaling your coaching business.

Learn the fastest way to get your business off the ground

Stop starting small and grinding for clients. Let us show you how you can get your business to maximise profits with only a few clients.

My Complete $300k/year guide.

Discover the best way to create a three-tiered system of products and how to scale it so each product is bringing in 100k per year.

How to best sell high ticket items!

Thinking about selling high or low ticket? Learn which one costs more energy and which one is best for you.


About Jacob,

Hi, I’m Jacob — I grew sick of seeing great coaches exit this amazing industry, solely because they lacked the tools to gain a consistent income stream. As Coaches, personal trainers, nutritionist or any self-employed "people helpers" - working in 2021 enables us the ability to multiply our streams of income by utilising online work.

I specialise in teaching coaches how to increase their income WITHOUT adding additional work, hours, commitment and labour...

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June 26th
13:00 AEST
26 Jun, 2021 @ 13:00
30 Jun, 2021 @ 13:00
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